Maria De Sanfélix Colomina, Fallera Major Infantil de Gandia 2023

Welcome! Find out here the career of Maria De Sanfélix, the FMI of Gandia.

La Fallera Major Infantil de Gandia was born on October 1, 2009. She is currently studying 1st year of ESO at Col·legi Carmelites.

She likes to paint, dance, sing, play sports, cook and make sweets.
He first came out of fallera when he was one month old at the presentation of his falla, the Sagrada Família Corea falla, and since then he has come out of fallera every year.

She was queen of the children's falla in 2020, in 2022 she was part of the Court of Honor of the Children's Fallera Major accompanied by her brother Quique, who was also president of the falla with her.

Of the fallas, the one he likes the most is the children's music festival because all the children come and enjoy all the events.

From a family deeply rooted in the party on both parents' side, on her mother's side, she is the granddaughter of the falla artist Toni Colomina and of Mari who was queen of the party in Falla de Korea in 1974. They are uncle Toni has been awarded the Joan Climent prize for poetry. His great-grandfather Toni Colomina was also president of Korea.

On his father's side, his grandfather Facundo de Sanfélix owns the diamond gesmil and his grandmother Amparo was the first woman to obtain the gold gesmil for faller merits and queen of the falla in 1964. Both have been presidents of the falla korea

His parents have also been closely linked to the Falla, his mother Lorena was Queen of the Falla in 2005 and was part of the Court of Honor of the Fallera Major in 2006 accompanied by his father, Quique de Sanfélix, who the same way that uncles Facundo and Alberto wear the golden gesmil of the faults and actively participate in them.